Shorten URLs And Share It With Ease. Track Statistics. Powerful Built-in API.

Tiny URL is a URL shortener. It allows you to shorten URLs and share the best content of the web easily. Easily track statistics and click of short URLs you have created. Integrate your own applications and websites with the powerful built-in API.

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Shorten URL

What is Tiny?

Tiny, at it's core, is a URL shortener and at the same time it is so much more than that. It is also a link sharer and also provides you with click statistics for the shortened URLs you have created. For programmers, there is also a powerful RESTful API.

URL Shortener

Tiny URL allows you to shorten any URL. Tiny URL takes a long and difficult-to-remember URL and generates a short and easy to remember URL. You can share the short URL and whoever clicks the short URL will be taken to the original full URL.

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Link Sharing

Tiny allows you to share the best the web has to offer. With just a click, you can share the shortened URL with your friends. Each time you shorten URLs, you can simply click on the social icons to share the URL instantly. You can also copy the shorter URL and share that wherever you like.

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Track Statistics

Every time you create a URL and share it, you can view the statistics on how many people clicked your link and where they clicked the link. It is a great way to see your how much others have enjoyed the links you share.

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Powerful API

Tiny URL is also packed with a powerful API. Developers can make use of the API to integrate the URL Shortener into their own application. Using the API will allow you to shorten any URL and load a short URLs statistics from within your own created applications and website.

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