Tiny URL is a free URL shortener that encourages you to share the best stuff on the web as well as allowing you to track statistics and see how many people click on the stuff you share.

There is also a built-in API for developers who wish to include a URL shortener in their own applications and websites. And all this is easier to do this than you would think.

So What Does That All Mean?

Tiny, at it's core, is a URL shortener and at the same time it is so much more than just another URL shortening website.

It's A URL Shortener

Tiny URL allows you to shorten any URL, meaning you can turn this URL


Into this URL


Now when someone clicks the Tiny URL, they will go to the website of the original long URL.

Go ahead and click the short link above and see that you still end up at the long and hard-to-share URL.

Shorten A URL Now


Tiny Also Does Link Sharing

Tiny allows you to sharing the best the web has to offer. Every time you create short URLs, you are also able to share those short URLs with just a click. Sharing URLs has never been easier.

You can share the shortened URL on all your favourite social websites with a single click. Go ahead and share the things you love with your friends.

Each time you shorten a URL, you will see a list of social icons you can click on to share the new URL with your friends.


Track Statistics

Every time you create a short URL and share it, you are able to see how many people clicked your link as well as see where they clicked the link. It is a great way to see your how many other people enjoyed the content you shared.

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Powerful API

Tiny URL offers free API access for developers to use. The API allows developers to programmatically access, create and read shortened URLs, If you have an application or website that needs to automatically create short URLs and optionally display their stats, then you have come to the right place. In fact, a lot of this website uses it's own API which is a testament on just how useful the API can be. There is also a browser extension that uses this API as well.

API allows you to shorten any URL directly from your applications. It means you can present your users with an already shortened URL instead of the original difficult-to-remember URLs.

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