Tiny implements a RESTful API. The API allows developers to programmatically access, create and read shortened URLs and their associated stats.

How Can I Use URL Shortener API?

You can use the URL shortener API to develop your own websites, application and scripts to communicate with Tiny and have Tiny automatically shorten URLs from the long URLs your website or program sends it.

As an example, say you have a website that generates images or PDFs or some type of document. When you create a document, the download link is long and hard to remember. You want to automatically create an easy to read short URL.

You can make use of this API and tell the API to create a shorter URL from the long URL you supply. The API responds with a working shortened URL that you display to your user. CLicking the shortened URL will automatically redirect the user to the location the original long URL pointed at.

Who Else Uses The API?

Believe it or not, a lot of this website is build ontop of the API. Which just goes to show how useful the API is.

There is also a browser extension that uses this API to shorten the current Website URL you are viewing in your browser with just a single click.

API Overview

API Resources - list of API end points

Rate Limiting - limiting how often you can make calls to the API

Authentication - logging in to the API to gain additional access

Error Handling - list of error may occur and how to handle them