API - URL Fetch


GET /api/url/fetch/<hash>


Retrieve a full URL and it's data

Returns the original, long URL and it's associated data in the response.


Name Required Description
<hash> Yes Replace <hash> in the URL with your actual unique hash. The hash is the unique identifier for the associated URL. It is usually the 4 or 5 characters at the end of the short URL.

Request Type


What are request types?

Example Response

    data: {
        hash: "1234",
        url: "http://www.example.com/some-long-url-i-want-shortened",
        created: "2014/09/10 23:32:19 +00:00"

Error Codes Returned

The following error codes may be returned by this API endpoint.

Error Required Description
ITEM_NOT_FOUND1000URL could no be found for the hash supplied.

For a complete list of error codes, view the error handling documentation.